Renovation Services

St. Louis  Renovation Services is the newest brand to be developed by and is a direct result of years of hard work and meticulous planning and tracking. 

St. Louis Property Direct has renovated many single-family homes for real estate investors and worked to build genuine relationships with the crews, contractors, and laborers who provide the true nuts and bolts detail work of each of our renovation jobs.

We have a transparent policy of documenting everything we do on investment properties and providing that information to each investor. 

Our work crews and contract companies know that we inspect every detail of the job. We are in the properties on a daily basis managing the process. This constant presence keeps every crew sharp and working quickly to get projects completed.

We have found that for every dollar spent properly renovating property on the front end, two dollars can be saved on the back. This translates to $1000's saved by the investor over the life of an investment propertyThis attention to detail and dedication to providing the highest quality service while keeping costs for the investor to a minimum have resulted in a high level of customer satisfaction and a reduction in on-going maintenance for our property management company.

Property Management

It is important to us as a company that every real estate investor who trusts St. Louis Property Direct with their success in real estate investing, understands that we take that trust very seriously. We are dedicated to providing professional services tailored to meet the individual needs of each property owner.  We want every investor to have a feeling of security each night they go to bed that their decision to invest with us was a solid and sound decision.


Karen Pearson, Property Manager 

​Office: (618) 337-3100